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The Arome moisturizing collection was developed to care for the largest organ; YOUR skin, MY skin, OURskin.


A vast majority of accessible skin moisturizing brands contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of essential nutrients and luster. We recognized that change was needed and decided to be part of the solution. Arome provides products that not only moisturize your skin, but also assure the use of nutrient rich ingredients. 


We whipped up some of the most nourishing body butters, lotions, and oils that enhance the innate properties of your skin. From shea butter – which is best known for replenishing neglected skin surfaces – to avocado and rice bran oils- which provide long lasting moisture -, we strategically select all of our ingredients to address skin moisturizing needs.


We are excited to provide you with a healthy, cost-effective alternative to moisturizing your skin on a daily-basis and can assure you that our products will never contain alcohols and other drying agents, such as sulfates and parabens, that dehydrate and damage your skin.

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